Product Management

Thanks to more than 40 years’ experience in the specialty food business, CMA Global Partners have in-depth insights in product management. We provide you with the right tools and knowledge to manage everything from pricing to ingredient review to research to help you put out the best product you can.

Consumer and Category Trend Research

We provide thorough research and analysis and identify the latest trends in the ever-changing food market, equipping you with valuable market insight and helping you target consumers more effectively.

Competitive Review:

We can help you review your product, from design to labeling to everything else in between, and tailor it to consumers’ tastes and preferences, helping you maximize your reach to customers.

Competitive Positioning:

In the world’s most competitive consumer market, how well you can differentiate your product can make or break your business. CMA Global Partners can set your product apart from the competition by helping you target specific consumers, identify your competitors and more.

Ingredient Review:

With our extensive knowledge of US food law, we help you navigate the complex world of US food regulations to ensure that every ingredient in your product is compliant with every food law, saving you time, energy and stress.

Packaging Review:
Packaging is the first thing your customer sees when looking at your product. With more than 40 years’ experience working in the North American market, we can help you make a label that will catch the consumers’ eyes, comply with the law, and stay true to your brand.

Price Modeling:

Using our economic modeling and our extensive knowledge on pricing, we can determine the best price for your products to optimize sales and increase your customer base.

Delivery Cost Modeling:

Shipping costs are crucial for your bottom line, and often times you don’t know if you’re getting a good rate. We have worked and negotiated with UPS, FedEx and USPS for decades to get shipping cost down for our products to maximize profit and minimize costs, and we can give you the necessary tools and strategies to do the same for your products.

Channel Strategy:

Our extensive experience in the specialty food business has helped us develop a strategy to produce a streamline and reliable supply chain that will get your products in the hands of customers safely and efficiently.

Promotional Strategies:

Our vendor platforms like and The Taste of Germany reach over a million customers annually, giving the exposure a small or big company needs to reach the world’s largest and most competitive consumer market.

Cost Control: CMA Global Partners is committed to identifying and eliminating any spending waste in order to help you run as efficiently as possible and maximize your profit.

Order to Payment Strategies: CMA Global Partners provides you with the best strategies to keep you on top of track of shipments, payments and invoicing , using programs like SAP to help you stay organized.