Brand Building Experience

We have partnered with some big brands over the past 30 years and helped them grow their business in the United States, Canada and the European Union, and we can do the same for you. Here are just a few:

Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is a family-owned German chocolate company who has been creating a variety of high quality chocolate bars for over 100 years

Dallmayr Coffee

Dallmayr is a 3 century old, family owned, German delicatessen, best known for their coffee, sourcing only the highest-quality beans from around the world.


Niederegger is a North German, family owned sweets producer most famous for its high quality marzipan enjoyed in 40 countries worldwide.

Below is the full list of clients:

Abraham                                                                             Kempinski
ALB-Gold Teigwaren                                                    Knorr
Ariel                                                                                      Kölln
Bahlsen                                                                               Maintal
Böklunder                                                                          Mazola
Bovril                                                                                   McCormick
Dallmann’s                                                                       Meica
Dallmayr                                                                            Mestemacher
Hellmann’s                                                                       Niederegger
Hengstenberg                                                                  Old Bay
International Food Standard                                     Ritter Sport Rosbacher
Käserei Champignon                                                     Rotbäckchen
Kathi                                                                                     Seitenbacher