About CMA Global Partners

Facilitating Trans-Atlantic Trade

Who We Are
CMA Global Partners is a full service agency providing regulatory compliance advice, market intelligence, as well as sales, marketing and business support services to suppliers and importers of consumer food, beverage, and nutritional supplements products, primarily in  in North America and Europe.

Cooperative Marketing Alliance
We enable our clients to  bring new products to markets in the US, Canada, and the EU, and grow their businesses across continents.  CMA stands for “Cooperative Marketing Alliance.” We identify synergies among our and draw on the expertise from a diverse network of industry insiders and trade partners to lower the costs and risks of regulatory compliance, import, distribution, marketing, and customer support.

Regulatory Trends
Headquartered in the Washington, DC metro are, we follow all major political, legislative and regulatory trends affecting our client’s industries and foster close relationships with insiders “inside the DC beltway,” as well as in Brussels, Berlin and other parts of the world.

Global Industry Experience
Our global food industry experience spans over four decades and covers all aspects of a business life cycle in domestic and export markets: product development, forecasting and financial planning, production, safety and quality audits, distribution, marketing, sales, shelf space management, and product renewal. Our owner, partners and team of experts have worked for global hotel chains and food producers, managed global brands, built relationships with wholesale and retail accounts  or followed careers at governmental and NGOs.

Our Services:
– Foreign Supplier Verification Services
– FDA Registration and FDA US Agent Services
– Food Label Design and Regulatory Compliance Checks
– Food Safety Compliance
– Government Relations and Regulatory Trend Analysis
– Market Research and Consumption Trends
– Product Selection
– Category and Competitor Analysis
– Cost Analysis and Pricing
– Cash Flow, Budgeting, Investing
– Import, Transport and Warehousing Services
– Importer and Distributor Search
– Key Account Management and Retail Broker Services
– Trade Fair Planning, Organization and Participation
– Consumer Hotline and Response Services

Contact Us:
CMA Global Partners
7809 Green Twig Road
Bethesda, MD 20817