Why CMA Global Partners?

We cannot guarantee that the products of our clients will always be successful in the US markets. Success depends on too many factors that we cannot control. But working with us provides our clients with the following significant advantages:

  • A foot in the door: You will have guaranteed access to the world’s largest and most competitive consumer market
  • Cost Control: You will be able to assess and reduce market entry risks
  • Integrated Infrastructure: Your products will be sold in our online shop, promoted on our proprietary media. We offer 24/7 customer service and manage the entire import, warehousing, and fulfillment
  • Know How: Your business will benefit from our expertise in brand management, regulatory affairs, industry network and ability to work in multiple languages.
  • Long term commitment: We’re building businesses for and with our clients over the long term, managing all ups and downs in cost effective ways.

Our services can be bundled or used separately and our fees can be tailored to our time commitment, out-of-pocket costs, client needs, product potential, and long term commitment.