Online Retail Store and Media

Online Sales:

Our website, The Taste of Germany, is a versatile online marketplace that sells premium, hard to find German food.  We have over 100,000 annual visitors, with an annual growth rate of more than 60% annually. We are also established vendors on eBay, Etsy, Facebook and Amazon. With CMA Global Partners, your products would receive preferential placement on the website to get the word out about your products. The website is also the perfect vehicle for product and price testing, as well as trial and promotional offers.

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Consumer education

Often times, the cultural history and significance of foreign foods can be somewhat daunting and mysterious, creating a barrier that limits the enjoyment of these foods. GermanFoods is an important tool to help educate people in the specifics of of German foods, but can be used to educate people about any food’s culture and history. With over one million annual visitors, 60% growth and visitors coming from over 30 countries, GermanFoods is a great way to educate people who would otherwise be hesitant about trying new foods. We provide recipes, retailers and advertising opportunities for your product.

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Social Media Promotions

With over 20,000 monthly visitors, and 90% annual growth, we have developed an effective social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We have clean and creative advertising and PR strategies, no ad clutter to distract the consumer and rotating ads to keep everything fresh and new. Our social media accounts are prominently shown on our websites to help create buzz and draw immediate attention to your products, as well as trade fairs and special and local events. We can use these same tools to help grow your business with personalized promotions to drum up business. We develop “Brand Focus” through product features and benefits, production process and recipes to help build customer exposure and stimulate reach and frequency. Your product will be proudly advertised on our newsletters, email blasts and syndicated press releases with the potential to reach over 10 million new customers.