Key Account Management

Thanks to our location in DC, we have access to a large consumer market of more than 5 million residents. In addition, we have an extensive network of trade contacts at all levels and sales channels to find the best fit for your business. We have access to trade shows and can create professional presentations for your company to attract new business and customers. We can help you maximize shelf space and create impactful promotional strategies, all to help you succeed in the North American market.

Specialty food broker in Baltimore/Washington market

Our location in the Nations Capital and proximity to Baltimore gives us access to a cosmopolitan marketplace of more than five million people. This, along with our specialty food broker, can help your products reach supermarket shelves to help cater to unique and peculiar tastes.

Extensive network of trade contacts at all levels and sales channels

CMA Global Partners have developed a number of professional connections over the past 30 years, which has provided us an extensive network of trade contacts. We can help you find the best expansion and sales strategies to help you and your business succeed.

Import Partner Search

Finding the right import partner is critical for your success. That is why we have spent years developing contacts and relationships with all types of import partners, and we can use those connections to put you in touch with the import partner that best suits your products, needs and size.

Trade Marketing Programs

Marketing to American companies can be a struggle for foreigners, as language and norms don’t translate well. We have dealt with our own trade marketing obstacles and have developed strategies to facilitate B2B marketing, getting your products in the hands of other businesses, helping your company increase its presence.

Create persuasive customer-specific presentations:

Presentations can be a great tool to reach more consumers and businesses alike, but finding the right words and the right information can be a challenge, especially in the North American market, where tastes and preferences can vary widely. CMA Global Partners can provide you with critical information and the right lingo to have a persuasive presentation.

Sales negotiations and administration:
We develop effective negotiation strategies for your business to ensure that you’re getting the best rates for any type of transaction, and help you maximize profit and build relationships.

Order to Delivery Management:

A lot wrong can happen between when an order is placed and when the customer receives their package. CMA Global Partners can help you overcome any order to delivery management problem you may have, getting you affordable shipping rates, reliable carriers, easy to use software to track orders and invoicing.

Shelf management

We know that every inch of any food shelf is valuable. CMA Global Partners can help you maximize shelf space by researching consumers tastes and preferences, creating seasonal promotions and identifying popular products.

Promotion planning and coordination

We can provide research into your company and recognize trends in different products, building upon successful products or helping underperforming ones, and tailor promotional strategies, through trade shows or online advertising, to increase sales and grow brand awareness.