The Taste of Germany booth at the prominent Downtown Holiday Market in Washington DC  

Christmas is our busiest time, as people’s appetite for everything German increases. We have a Taste of Germany booth at the ever-popular downtown holiday market in the heart of Washington DC. With over 100,000 visitors annually, the market is a prime opportunity to put your products on display and help spread the word.

Consumer-direct sales, sampling and feedback at seasonal outdoor markets and other consumer events

Outside of Christmas, we have several seasonal outdoor markets and consumer events, which allows for direct consumer sales, sampling and direct feedback from customers, giving you valuable input to improve and perfect your product line.

Participation with samples at other large consumer events around the country

We have consumer events all across the country, connecting you with potential customers, suppliers and wholesales, creating a buzz for your business and product.

CMA enables distribution across USA and Canada

Thanks to our extensive connections with wholesalers and retailers across the US and Canada, partnering with CMA can give your product the exposure it needs to flourish in the US and Canada.