Food Regulation USA Update 2021

food-industry-news-5A summary of regulatory changes and updates in 2021, as published by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and TTB (Tobacco and Alcohol Tax and Tariff Bureau). We provide a brief synopsis and comment under each link.

The most important regulatory changes in
Food label changes, menu labeling initiative, FSMA, Prop 65 and more…
The Food Safety Modernization Act – explained in German
Food Safety Plan, Hazard Analysis, Preventive Controls and more…


January 2017

Listeria Control. The FDA published a guidance to industry on how to prevent contamination by one of the most pernicious bacteria:  Listeria monocytogenes. This bug are found primarily in ready-to-eat foods made at home or prepared in factories, restaurants and supermarkets, such as cheese, salads, sandwiches, prepared seafood, or freshly-cut vegetables. At best, L. monocytogenes causes mild stomach upsets, but increasingly it also kills people, especially those with weak immune system, pregnant women and their fetuses, or elderly people. This bug can occasionally survive freezing temperatures, grow slowly in the refrigerator and blossom at room temperature.