March Madness: Vital Exercise

Food and fitness are two sides of the same coin

“You gotta move it, move it” sings King Julian in the movie “Madagascar.” This is spot-on advice for all primates, including homo sapiens. Releasing energy and toning all your muscles is not just a matter of good looks. It is essential for you well being, for your quality of life. Of course, you know that. Everyone does. But it is so hard to continuously loose more energy than we take in.

Any physical exercise is good for you, whatever you do. But pay attention that you vary exercises, so that cardiovascular training interchanges with building muscles and burning fat.

For those who travel a lot, find some exercise routines you can do in the hotel room. Don’t sit longer than an hour on your chair or sofa. Get up regularly and move around. Dance. Develop a nervous tick and wiggle your leg – that burns calories, too. Always park at the far end of a parking lot and jog to the mall or office entrance. No more elevators and escalators. Take the stairs, one at a time, all the time. If you work in a high rise get out five floors below your office and walk up the remaining distance. Walk, jog, run, smell the roses. Any movement is better than no movement.

Releasing energy is a key to living well. Enjoying food must go hand-in hand with exercise. Physical fitness lowers your medical bill. Try yoga, Pilates, climbing, gymnastics, or aerobic training, particularly if you suffer from lower back pains. According to research at the Universities of Munich and Zurich, any of these exercises beat surgery (in most cases).

“You gotta move it, move it”