“Clean Energy” from the Odenwald

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Spring is the season for work-outs and weight management. Yet, fitness involves the appropriate food that delivers energy, not too many calories, and does not cause allergic reactions. (According to a recent study by the University of Pittsburgh, food allergy reactions accounted for about 203,000 hospital emergency department visits each year from 2001 to 2005).

Seitenbacher, a unique company located in the heart of the “Odenwald” between Frankfurt and Heidelberg, is on a mission to provide “clean” energy to consumers. Seitenbacher’s natural and gluten-free energy bars are made from pure fruits, natural honey, and fine chocolates and are a good source of fiber. No additives, artificial colors or caloric grains. Seitenbacher also offer high protein shakes for body builders and muscle- toning hobby athletes, organic muesli cereals, cookies and snacks.  The company sources most ingredients from local, organic farms in this pristine and bucolic area of Germany.

Founder and owner Willi Pfannenschwarz comes from a family of millers dating back to the seventeenth century.  During the 1970s he observed that a growing number of people in his home town developed allergies and intestinal problems, involving stomach, liver or kidney.
Pfannenschwarz concluded that one cause might be the refined, bleached and nutrient-poor flour used for making everyday, frequently-consumed  products like bread, cookies,cereals etc. So Pfannenschwarz started to concoct cereals and cookies with whole and unrefined grains, including local spelt, organic rye and whole wheats. He designed and build his own processing and filling equipment so that the grains and fruits would not be smashed during production.

Over time, Seitenbacher gained distribution at most German health food stores and supermarket health sections in Germany. Pfannenschwarz even produces his own radio commercials which are so quirky and unique that the brand has become a household name in Germany. Over the past decade, Pfannenschwarz started to export a large assortment of Seitenbacher organic, natural, GMO-free, gluten-free, high vitamin and mineral products to the US, and set up a distribution center in Florida. Seitenbacher energy bars, cereals, high quality cooking and salad oils,  vegetable broth or snacks can be found at selected stores or online at www.seitenbacher.com.