Food Industry Trade Fairs in North America and Europe

2012-05-09 08.25.21Food industry trade shows are the events for professionals to discover new products, buy and sell, learn about the latest trends and gossip, or simply getaway from the office.

You can attend over one hundred trade shows in United States and Canada in a given year, most of them regional and category-specific. Or you flock to global mega-shows in Europe, Asia, or Latin America.

Below you’ll find our recommended list of the most important trade fairs in the US, Canada, Germany and Europe for producers of internationally traded specialty food and agricultural products:

Trade Fairs & Conventions


Winter Fancy Food Show, San Francisco, CA
One of the leading industry trade fairs for the specialty food industry.

ISM, Cologne (Germany)
World’s largest trade fair for sweets and confectioneries

International “Green Week” , Berlin (Germany)
A global mega event for the food, nutrition and agriculture industries, open to the trade and consumers. Also a global political summit with representatives of 60+ nations.


Biofach, Nürnberg, (Germany)
World’s largest trade fair for organic foods

Fruit Logistica, Berlin (Germany)
One of the world’s leading trade fairs for fresh fruits and vegetables.


Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA
The largest trade fair for natural and organic foods, supplements, herbal remedies, health and beauty aids and more.

Seafood Expo North America, Boston, MA
North America’s largest market place for anything involved with the culinary use of fish and seafood

ProWein, Duesseldorf (Germany)
The world’s leading trade fair for wine and spirits professionals.

Internorga, Hamburg (Germany)
Europe’s leading trade show for food service and hospitality


SIAL Canada, Toronto, ON (in uneven years) or Montreal, QB (in even years)
Canada’s premier trade show for specialty and gourmet food and beverage industry. May take place at the beginning of may in some years.


NRA National Restaurant Association Show, Chicago IL
The largest food trade fair in the US for the restaurant, food service and hotel trade.

NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo, Chicago, IL
North America’s largest industry trade fair for sweets and savory snacks

PLMA Private Label Manufacturer Amsterdam, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Buyers from all over the world come here to meet suppliers of “retailer private label” foods and beverages.


IDDBA (International Deli, Dairy and Bakery Show), different cities each year
A premier show for professional in the meat, cheese and bakery business. Focus is on consumer packaged or deli-counter sold products.

IFT Internationl Food Technology and Ingredients, Las Vegas, NV
The place to be and go for food technologists, ingredient manufacturer and food safety/quality professionals.

Summer Fancy Food Show, New York, NY
North America’s largest food trade show, especially for the culinary trade.Summer Fancy 2_sq


Natural Product Expo East, Baltimore, MD
A smaller cousin of the Natural Product Show in Anaheim, CA,with the focus on East Coast retailers


Anuga, Cologne, Germany (in uneven years)
SIAL Paris, Paris, (France) (in even years)
The global mega events for the food and beverage trade. 10 trade fairs in one place. Over 160,000 visitors from 192 countries, 7,000 exhibitors from 108 countries. A gigantic show for professional foodies, alternating in Cologne and Paris.


PLMA Private Label Manufacturer Chicago, Chicago, IL
North America’s leading meeting place for Private Label buyers and sellers

Hotel Retailer Meetings

ECRM – Retailer one-on-one shows
This organization guarantees 20 minute meetings with buyers from the largest retail and food service operators in exhibitor only hotel rooms.

Distributor/Wholesaler Shows
Your products have to be listed at the respective distributor to exhibit.

KeHE Shows
KeHE is one of the largest, national food distributors in the US, supplying thouands of retail stores with fast moving and specialty food products.

UNFI (United Natural Foods Inc.)
United Natural Foods started as a natural and organic fod distributor in the North East USA, but is now one of the largest national distributors of all foods and beverages with a focus on specialty, natural and organic foods.

NBWA National Beer Wholesaler ShowIf you want to sell beer, or any alcoholic beverage, in the USA, you must sell first to a wholesaler, who then distributes the booze to retailers, who sell it to consumers. That’s the law. The NBWA show is a must for all professional beer suppliers and micro brews.

NACS National Association of Convenience Stores
The convenience channel has by far the largest number of stores. Think Seven-Eleven, Gas Station stores and drug stores. A great show if you sell to this channel.