German Foods North America – Who We Are

German Foods North America, LLC is an independent global trade promotion agency located in Washington, DC.

Focusing on food, beverages, agriculture and consumer products, our guiding principles are to foster cross-cultural understanding, create market transparency and, thus, facilitate trade between the continents. Our clients include producers, importers, retailers, industry associations and governmental agencies, primarily from North America, Germany and other North Central European countries.

We help our clients, many of them small and mid-size companies, to source from or build businesses in targeted export markets, introduce new products, and promote and advertise brands. On behalf of our clients we communicate with trade customers, the media, government officials and consumers. Our expertise includes business strategy, market research, marketing, sales, cooperative project management, labeling and regulatory compliance, food safety, and legislative reviews.

Our clients can rely on our services not just in North America or German-speaking countries. We are connected with a global network of seasoned agrifood industry specialists in the US, Canada, Central America, South America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, India, China, Russia and Japan. Our clients can rely on us to establish connections and choose the right business partners all over the world and jointly implement business strategies and programs.

Many members of this network – like German Foods North America – were affiliated with the former CMA, Centrale Marketinggesellschaft der deutschen Agarwirtschaft, a well known export promotion agency of the German food and agricultural industries which operated in 12 countries around the world and opened markets for thousands of German producers around the globe.

GermanFoods took over for the CMA North America in 2010 and now operates on behalf of any company or organization, no matter what its country of origin.

Here is a sample of brands we actively helped to market, sell, and grow across many countries in the course of the past three decades:Ariel, detergent, Bahlsen cookies, Bechtle noodles, Bovril flavor cubes, Champignon Cheese, Dallmayr coffee, Haus Rabenhorst organic fruit juices, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Hengstenberg pickled vegetables, IFS International Featured Standards, Kempinski hotels group Knorr soups, sauces, and cooking aids, Kölln oat cereals, Marmite condiment, Mazola oil, McCormick spices an seasonings, Meica sausages, Mestemacher whole grain breads, Niederegger marzipan, Old Bay seasoning, Pinkus Müller beer Ritter Sport chocolates, Seitenbacher organic cereals.

The website is the leading voice for food, beverage and culinary culture from Germany and German-speaking countries in the English-speaking world. Through this platform, we engage and connect German food fans around the world, educate about meals, manners and culinary culture, inform about product innovation in the food and agricultural sectors and offer samples and new products on the related online store

The content on is independent, neutral and created by experts in their fields. We publish monthly new articles and offer promotional incentives for consumers to learn about and try new quality products from Germany and neighboring countries.

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German Foods North America
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