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Bavarian Brotzeit Ad_edited-1Advertise on has been online for more than ten years and traffic has grown to over 500,000 unique visitors per year.

We keep the website’s content relevant, interesting and informative every month and increase visits through contests, sweepstakes and other promotions. now offers clients and sponsors multiple opportunities to reach our trade and consumer audiences with brand and product information, YouTube videos, recipes, coupons, and new product introductions or event announcements on our social networks.

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The Taste of Germany.comSell your products on The Taste of

Raise awareness and gain consumer feedback for your products with trial sales on our e-commerce site The Taste Of In conjunction with a Focus Brand Page and Display Ads, our trial sales shop is especially well suited to introduce new products or specialties with a niche market appeal. The trial sales will also generate customer feedback which which is valuable input for sales presentations or advertising campaigns.


CMA Retail PromotionCollaborative Promotions and Events

The “CMA” in our name stands for Cooperative Marketing Alliance. CMA Global Partners frequently acts like a trade association and manages cooperative projects involving alliances of competing companies or organizations who share common interests and goals and pool resources to achieve these goals. We help to raise funds, plan and execute trade promotions and advertising campaigns and make sure all financial transactions are thoroughly controlled.

The Taste of Germany CMA® is a registered trademark of German Foods North America, LLC.


Government and Associations Relations

Our agency is well connected “inside the Washington beltway” with US governmental agencies, members of Congress, the World Bank, NGOs, and trade associations. We assist clients to manage often complex governmental relations.

Contact us for more information at or 1-800-881-6419.

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