Food and Friendships

Take time and strengthen the ties with your partner, friends and family

Friendship is the best ingredient for well-being and quality of life. It even seems to be the secret for ever-lasting love.

According to the Pairfam survey of the University of Munich (involving over 110,000 people in Germany), long-lasting and well managed partnerships build on the following principles:

  • Opposite attracts, but similar values bond together;
  • The importance of sex is over-rated
  • The presence of children may seriously endanger good relationships (parenthood needs to be carefully planned and managed to preserve partnerships.)
  • Frequent “partnership talks” usually yield no positive outcome;
  • Don’t avoid conflicts, but avoid meaningless fights. Keep your inner peace; don’t fight to hurt;
  • Forgive (does not mean to forget, give in, or excuse).
  • Forget the ideals and absolutes. Long lasting partnerships settle on what works and build true friendships.
  • The best partnerships are “resilient” and bounce back even after serious fights.

From our perspective, we want to add: cooking together, eating good meals together, sharing a passion for food and culinary pleasures adds a great deal to good partnerships.